Domez Engineering is an arm of Domez Nigeria Limited. Our expertise covers but not limited to dredging and marine services with special emphasis in Stockpiling, sweeping, reclamation, channelization and oil wells management.

This division also handles research and consultancy on Environment Impact Assessment/Analy sis for the oil Industry and government, at federal and state levels.

We have worked in the very difficult terrains of the Niger delta and also in Lagos. We have in our fleet a chain of twelve dredging equipment ranging from 14 X 14 to 20 X 22. Also in our fleet is a chain excavators, bulldozers and paillodders that provide support services to our dredging equipment which were acquired from the best manufacturers in the Netherlands.

Domez is in tune with your changing and growing business needs. We partner with leading company application manufacturers to bring you the most relevant turn-key tools to help you transform your dream to reality. Our wide array of easy-to-deploy solutions means we can quickly get your supplies and services to attain your production goal, expand your market reach, increase sales, or improve your operation and cost efficiency no matter what size your company is. Our goal is to grow with you and help you succeed.